Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Book of the Month: Anatomy of a Murder by Robert Traver

America's original #1 bestselling legal thriller and courtroom drama, rereleased with a dynamic new package The basis for the classic Oscar Award-nominated 1959 film starring Jimmy Stewart, Anatomy of a Murder tells the gripping story of the sensational trial of a young soldier accused of murdering his wife's rapist. Against seemingly insurmountable odds, defense attorney Paul Biegler agrees to defend Lieutenant Frederick Manion, who freely admits to killing the man who violently raped his wife. Several witnesses saw the event with their own eyes and can testify that Manion committed the ruthless, cold-blooded act. Biegler's challenge is to find a legal justification for the killing, all the while balancing the intense emotions that come along with murder against the consciences and sympathies of the twelve strangers in the jury box. The lawyer sees it as a straightforward, albeit gravely difficult, legal challenge. Until he starts to dig beneath the surface of the crime and finds that some startling facts have not yet come to light, and that the truth of the situation is far more complex than he could have imagined....


  1. Just was fantastic!

  2. Great. Now I have to finish it.

  3. You will not regret it. Although I have been meaning to send an email about our next meeting--I think it is during Spring Break?

  4. will you guys not be there? should we move it?


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